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Hey there! I'm Nick.

I start, grow and support ambitious companies, organizations and teams that aim to put a positive dent in the universe.

I'm working on or actively exploring projects that sit at the intersection of:

  • It's a big problem I care deeply about; global health, extreme poverty, technology, democracy and climate.

  • There are wonderful, ambitious, excellent people to work with on it; I love to work with pragmatic idealists, excited to learn quickly, move fast, and swing for the fences.

  • I have something unique to contribute; this often means building organizations, teams, products or technology, understanding how to influence public policy, and ways of mobilizing money at massive scale. More info here.


Current projects include working to mobilize tens of millions of dollars to fight lead poisoning in low and middle income countries, AI applications for increasing access to healthcare, increasing government expertise and appetite for seizing opportunities and mitigating risks associated with AI, and supporting a number of social impact or human rights organizations with fundraising, technology, strategy and team operations. 

Previously I was CEO and Chief Product Officer at, growing the worlds largest platform for grassroots change to 75m+ monthly users, $70m+ revenue, and 450+ staff. As GM International at I established go-to-market, campaigns and PR teams in 20 countries. I co-founded Live Below the Line, a fundraising and awareness campaign that’s raised $20m for fighting extreme poverty. I’ve led social and political campaigns in support of democracy, global health and climate action across the US, Asia and Australia. I’ve served on the board of Paid Leave for the United States, MakePovertyHistory, OzGreen and the AYCC. I started my career as a facilitator, and my first and potentially my hardest job was working in a meat processing factory in rural Australia.

I love to speak and share lessons on entrepreneurship, product development/growth, AI and social impact, and have been lucky enough to do so at Reforge, Oxford University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Melbourne University, Products that Count, Personal Democracy Forum and RightsCon.  


I’ve a degree in Law and almost finished an Arts degree majoring in Philosophy & Political Science at Monash University, and spent time studying at both Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy. The World Economic Forum thinks I'm a 'Young Global Leader', and was identified as one of Melbourne’s 100 most influential people by The Age.


I've lived in Brooklyn, New York since 2014. I grew up in rural Australia, and have lived and worked in San Francisco, Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, New Delhi and Jakarta. I spend down time running, reading, laughing with friends, and thinking about community and relationships.



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