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Let's swing for the fences

I'm working on or actively exploring projects that sit at the intersection of:

  • It's a big problem I care deeply about; global health, extreme poverty, technology, democracy and climate.

  • There are wonderful, ambitious, excellent people to work with on it; I love to work with pragmatic idealists, excited to learn quickly, move fast, and swing for the fences.

  • I have something unique to contribute; this often means building organizations, teams, products or technology, understanding how to influence public policy, and ways of mobilizing money at massive scale.

I also support leaders or organizations on a range of topics as an advisor or board member. Below are some of the topics where I've some hard won lessons to share - from both successes and failures - in order help you succeed.

If you're interested in collaborating, reach out at

Fundraising & Monetization

Lessons from $300m in small dollar transactions, and $150m raised from investors & donors. Run fundraising processes, campaigns and optimize donation experiences.

Operating Playbook

Light touch but high value mechanisms and processes that set goals, align teams, review progress, and drive fast execution and learning.

Public Affairs

Insights from dozens of corporate, political and community campaigns including the when, where and how of lobbying, media and public mobilization. Proactive, reactive and crisis PR.

Artificial Intelligence

Lessons from building ML models at scale, prototyping consumer products with LLMs, and aligning and motivating teams to take advantage of next gen AI tools to radically increase productivity and reduce costs.

Product Development

Lessons from the full product lifecycle (research, testing, deployment, scale, maintenance) from growing a team of 100+ PMs, Designers, Engineers, Analysts and deploying to 50m MAUs.

International Expansion

Lessons from growing teams in 18 markets. Market entry and management strategies, localization in the EU, LatAm and Asia.

Leadership staffing

Lessons from hiring and managing a dozen executives, two CEOs, and more than 400 staff across product, engineering, operations, finance, legal, sales, marketing, comms and policy.

Growth & Engagement

Building a growth team + culture. Acquisition, engagement & retention for UG content, viral distribution (billions of impressions), email marketing (200m+ email list), subscriptions (200k).

Culture & Values

Defining values, and mechanisms for reinforcing values and culture. Facilitation of offsites and retreats for 5-400 staff.


Reach out to me at

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